Week 7 progress reports


One of the things you will find with industry partners is that they will all keep some kind of diary or calendar and in some cases they may even have someone who looks after it for them.  Some weeks will be full with back to back meetings while other weeks might not be as hectic.

For your progress reports in Week 7 it is expected that you will go to your industry partner and provide them with an update on your project.  I strongly suggest that you consider locking in a time with your industry partner NOW.  That way there is more chance of getting a time that works best for your group.


That assignment….

Based on some conversations and e-mails through the week it is apparent that attention has well and truly turned to the first assessment, the dossier. So what do you need to do?


Find those articles……………..

The first thing you need to review academic literature (use the UWS library or Google Scholar or similar). If you are having trouble finding literature you may be approaching the review from the wrong angle.  Usually this is where groups get stuck in one mind set, for example, a few years ago a group was working on a wedding planning brief and were searching academic literature for weddings without much luck so I suggested looking from an Event, function, F&B or Operations perspective may assist. Overall try and think what are the themes and sub themes of your brief and this may guide you. Best advice is that if you are having trouble with this aspect you may be looking too narrow, too broad or just need to look from a different angle.

I have asked you to look widely across the academic literature and select four articles which inform your project brief, the idea of four articles is that once your dossiers are handed in each group member will have four articles which may contribute to your project.

Ultimately, you only need to discuss two articles in your dossier (put the references and abstracts of the other articles as an appendix for the dossier).

Got my 2 articles, now what?


Look at the marking criteria and the key words for each of the criteria to give you clues of what you need to do;

  • Justify
  • Critical analysis
  • Explain

Essentially what I want to know is why you have chosen these articles out of all the articles you could have chosen. Critically tell me why this is useful and how it will apply to your project.

Have fun searching for the articles and do not forget submission is Friday 26th August by 6:00pm via turnitin – no hard copies required.

Week 4 consultation document

download (6)

Have a look at the file titled Week 4 consultation for ideas to help you get the most out your Week 4 consultation.

You should be struggling to get everything you want to talk about into the time, rather than trying to fill in the half hour –  the key is preparation.

Remember to send material across to Glenn prior to the consultations to get him thinking as well.

Week 4 consultation times

download (5)

Just to make sure everyone is aware of when their consultation time is, I have listed the groups below;

Seminar One 9am-12pm

  • 9:00 Mecure – Customer satisfaction
  • 9:35 Mecure – M restaurant
  • 10:10 Wesley Lodge
  • 10:45 UWS Connect
  • 11:20 Taronga Zoo

Seminar Two 1pm – 4pm

  • 1:00 Novotel – Customer satisfaction
  • 1:35 Dooleys – customer journey
  • 2:10 Dooley’s – dining area
  • 2:45 Novotel – 350 restaurant
  • 3:20 Time for additional consults if required

Please note that there is a spare consultation time available from 3:20pm – 4:00pm and this can be used to have extremity with Glenn and need be booked in with him via email.

Make sure you prepare for your consultations and remember the expectation is that your group will work on the project for the additional two and a half hours of the seminar time.

Site Visitis completed


So we are into week 4 and you have now completed your site visits. I really hope you enjoyed meeting your industry partner and visiting the site of your industry project. Often seeing the space and having an industry partner talk to the space helps make sense of the brief. Well done on the professional attire and manner you have all displayed.

download (4)

If you have not done so already please have your industry liaison send the industry partner a thank you for them taking time to go through the briefs with you. Also use the correspondence as a way of requesting information or confirming what the industry partner indicated they would do for you.


So what is next? Hopefully each of the groups has had some sort of discussion about the site visit (I know many of the groups I accompanied stayed on site to discuss the site visit). What I want you to do now is have a look at the teaching schedule in the learning guide and have a look at Weeks 4 to 8. You are now moving into the consultation period and you will notice that each of the consultation weeks focuses on something different – this is designed to keep your project moving.


In week 4 all groups have a half hour consultation and part of the reason for this is that we want to make sure you all have a clear understanding of your project. It is also to make sure you have a plan for the coming weeks to keep your project moving. Make sure you bring questions to your consultations, have preliminary plan of what data you need to collect and generally prepare so you maximise your half hour.

Zoom, zoom


Throughout the semester you will need to meet with you team to discuss the project and with advances in technology the options for you are endless in being able to communicate with each other remotely.

I am sure people will be using things such as Facebook and Google docs, another option which you may not be aware of is a program that the university hosts and is available to students called Zoom.  Essentially Zoom lets you have screen time conversations and also allows screen sharing of documents as well.  For those who would like more information check the Zoom link.

When you are communicating online here are a couple of things to consider

  • Get your technology sorted early
  • Think about your visual background
  • Remove distractions (turn off phones and e-mails, sign on the door)
  • Think about sound (acoustics of where you are, impact of wind on your microphone, microphones in the same chat near each other causing feedback)

Site visits this week


OK, so this week you have the site visits, as I have said before this is the fun part being out and about meeting people from the industry.

Remember that this meeting will really set up your project for the remainder of the semester.  It is the time in which your team and the industry partner will be able to discuss at length the project brief with the intention of everyone having a clear focus on what is required.  In some cases actually seeing a site can make all the difference as well.

Make sure you research the industry partner prior to your visit and I recommend that you have a set of questions ready for your site visit.  It is a great way to show your are prepared and interested in the project.


When you get to the end of your meeting do the following;

  • reconfirm you understanding of project
  • reconfirm any follow ups you require from the industry partner (floor plans, menus, etc)
  • reconfirm what you are going to do



To assist you in your consultations I also recommend that you take photos (with permission).  Remember that Glenn will not have seen your venues so the ability to talk to photos will be beneficial.

Good luck on your site visits and remember you are on show, not just for the university but also for yourself – students have picked up work in the past from participation in these applied projects.






Get your resume checked…



In some organisations they work on a principle that information should be on one page so people can gain an overview of the idea or issue and then decide what further research or activity needs to happen from there. It is good practice to be able to do this and the real key is – make every sentence count. When writing your cover letters think about are you duplicating information; is each sentence telling a story and having an impact; do I have too many lists?


The other task was to provide a resume. Remember that Western Sydney Careers has a resume checking service for students and I urge you to go to Western Careers resume advice. It is a simple process and you will receive personalised advice on ways to improve your resume and give you that advantage to get you into the job interviews.

Making your group work


After classes yesterday you now have met your team members and started thinking about your projects.  I was really impressed by the enthusiasm of the groups yesterday and there was some great discussions and consideration of the projects already.

For me there are two keys that you need to grasp to make sure your group works well and the project is enjoyable;


Communication is the key one and use your minutes and meetings as a way of facilitating this within your team.  Remember everyone has different experiences, backgrounds and skills and it is through communication that the team will get the best out of everyone (think about your favourite team sport – not everyone scores the points).


You need project manage the project in order ensure that it is constantly moving and that tasks are allocated and completed in time so the whole project can move forward.  Have milestones for the project and celebrate them as a group.