Presentation tips and feedback


Firstly, thank you to the groups for completing your practice presentations. The idea of the presentations was to offer students the ability to practice the delivery of the presentation (iron our some kinks), it was also an opportunity to see what your fellow students are up to. Below are some general comments from across the presentations for you to consider;

  • Introduce members of your team and the presentation you are going to do
  • Mention project brief, however do not spend too much time on this
  • Slides – be careful with selection of colours for background and text.
  • Slides – care with font size and amount on information on a slide
  • Be confident – you are the experts on your project. NO one else has spent 12 weeks investigating this topic
  • Think about how pictures and photos could enhance your presentation
  • Do you need hand outs to support presentation
  • If you experienced limitations in your project tell the partner what they were – do not use them as excuses
  • Do not apologise for your survey numbers
    Don’t look for me or your industry partner during presentation, look at all members present
  • Look above head level if you get nervous
  • Use your dossier references
  • Draw links between your research and the findings so industry partner can see how the research has informed the results
  • Think about your role in the presentation
  • Do not get in each other’s way during presentation.
  • Think about how you dress
    When other members of the group are presenting be interested
  • Be aware of personal habits such as the way you stand, touching your face and what you do with your hands
  • Be mindful of your speech – volume and speed

One of the biggest differences yesterday between the groups was that you could tell who had practiced and who had not – you all need to practice so you know who is saying what when, what slide needs to be on the screen and so you know how long it should take.

I hope these tips assist with your presentations next week

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