Getting ready for your final presentations


OK, so you are almost near the end and now it is time to show the industry partner the work you have completed over the past few months. Remember, be confident as you are the expert in this project and the industry partner would not have agreed to participate if they did not want to know what you had to say.

Please see below for confirmations of times to date;

Tuesday 18th October

12:30 – Taronga Zoo @ Taronga

Wednesday 19th October

9:00 – UWS Connect @ BoilerHouse on Parramatta campus

10:00 – Wesley Lodge @ Wesley Lodge

10:30 – Mecure (M restaurant)@ Mecure

11:00 – Mecure (Customer satisfaction)@ Mecure

1:00 – Dooley’s Bistro @Dooleys

1:30 – Dooley’s customer journey @Dooleys

3:15 – Novotel 350 restaurant @Novotel

3:45 – Novotel NPS @ Novotel

For all groups please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to allow you sufficient time to set up

In advance you need think about the following;

  • Binding your report – how many do you need
  • Having a back up of your presentation
  • Appropriate attire

Any questions just let me know.

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