Weeks 5 and 6 are done so what next


Over the past two weeks the groups have meet for a one hour consultation, with the aim of this consultation being to ensure your projects are on track and that you have a plan for the remainder of the semester. So now you should have a very clear understanding of what you need to do and by when – knowing the answers to these questions will be key in the success of your project.

So what are some of the lessons to come from your consultations….


Communication is key for the success of the project and this comes in three different ways and the first is communication with your industry partner. Some groups have indicated difficulties in contacting industry partners and delays – welcome to industry where there are multiple demands on people and organisations. Your job is to get your project to the top of the priorities list when required – remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Second form of communication is within the team and some groups have done this better than others and this is expected and will always be the case. You are a team and you need to communicate for the plan to come together – at the bottom of this all, you are in hospitality and communication skills are key so practice them know. The third form of communication is your personal communication with your group (verbal, meetings, e-mails) – think about how you are going personally.


You need to have a plan, monitor the plan and modify as required. Your plan also needs to factor in the fact that there are other pressures you need to factor in such as social life, other units, work, etc. The main advice I have here is plan early, I suggested back in week 2 that you lock in your progress report dates, some groups did and have a time and date that suits while others are scrambling to get a time which suits all group members and the industry partner – welcome to managing the calendar of many people.


For many of you it is becoming apparent that there is an extra layer to the group assessment and that extra layer is the responsibility of having to provide a report to an industry partner. Use this as a dress rehearsal for working in industry and use it as a chance to showcase your best work to prospective employers. Remember students have secured full time employment from these projects in the past.


Each group member has collected four articles for the dossier assessment, which makes a potential of 24 articles which can contribute toward the group assessment. Bring these together, share them and see how they can assist your project.

Overall, keep working on your projects and remember that momentum in this is your best friend


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