Weeks 5 and 6 – building blocks for your project


OK, here comes weeks 5 and 6 and to me these weeks are key to ensuring your project has smooth sailing for the remainder of the project. In this regard you need to be prepared for your consultation (remember you have an hour this week), this is time to go over the plan for the project for the rest of the semester. So what sort of things should you anticipate you will cover?


One of the key areas you need to discuss this week is your methodology. By now you should have a clear understanding of what the project brief is requiring you to do and you should have also discussed how you think you will go about researching the project. For some groups this may be all secondary data collection, for others it may be surveys, interviews or working through idea which have come out of your discussion with the industry contacts. Remember any surveys or interview questions will need to be run past Glenn for approval and in most cases the industry partner as well (factor these approvals into your timeframes).


You need to work out a plan for completion. A good way to do this is list the key milestones you need to meet and then work backwards from your completion date (week 14) and plot when the milestones need to be completed. Once you have this sort of detail it makes it much easier to assign tasks to people and having timelines for completion is always good motivation.


I have had a few e-mails over the past week in which the industry liaison has requested information from the industry partner and it has not been received after a week and multiple e-mails have been sent. My response this dilemma has been why have you waited a week and why do you not ring them. Your project is one part of a busy working week and unfortunately you may not be priorities over the complaining guest or the bosses deadline for a report, so what that means is you need be persistent and keep asking and put deadlines on things. Most importantly if you do not get an answer using one form of communication, use another.


So weeks 5 and 6 you have one consultation of an hour and there are a total of 6 class hours for these two weeks. Our assumption is that you will use all of this time and probably more to keep your project on track. If you have any questions or need any assistance along the way please ensure that you keep in touch with myself and Glenn as we are happy to offer assistance over the next few weeks, but remember assistance only comes if you ask for it.


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