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Week 14 presentations


OK, so you are almost near the end and now it is time to show the industry partner the work you have completed over the past few months.  Remember, be confident as you are the expert in this project and the industry partner would not have agreed to participate if they did not want to know what you had to say.

Please see below for confirmations of times to date;

Monday 19th October

9:00 – Dooley’s Bistro (9-12 seminar) @ Lidcombe

9:35 – Dooley’s bistro (1 – 4 seminar) @ Lidcombe

10:10 – Dooley’s Service @ Lidcombe

For the Dooley’s groups please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time

9:30 – UWS Connect @ Hawkesbury

2:00 – Sharks (both groups to attend at 2pm)

Tuesday 20th October

2:00pm Australian Turf Club @ Rosehill

Pullman and Novotel – They have indicated Tuesday but I have not had a suggested time confirmed at this point.  One aspect which has been confirmed is they would like it to be on site ate Homebush and this will mean meeting room availability is going to determine time and possibly even date – will keep you posted

Wednesday 21st October

2:00pm Wesley Lodge @ Westmead


Presentation tips and feedback


Firstly, thank you to the groups for completing your practice presentations. The idea of the presentations was to offer students the ability to practice the delivery of the presentation (iron our some kinks), it was also an opportunity to see what your fellow students are up to. Below are some general comments from across the presentations for you to consider;

  • Introduce members of your team and the presentation you are going to do
  • Mention project brief, however do not spend too much time on this
  • Slides – be careful with selection of colours for background and text.
  • Slides – care with font size and amount on information on a slide
  • Be confident – you are the experts on your project. NO one else has spent 12 weeks investigating this topic
  • Think about how pictures and photos could enhance your presentation
  • Do you need hand outs to support presentation
  • If you experienced limitations in your project tell the partner what they were – do not use them as excuses
  • Do not apologise for your survey numbers
  • Don’t look for me or your industry partner during presentation, look at all members present
  • Look above head level if you get nervous
  • Use your dossier references
  • Draw links between your research and the findings so industry partner can see how the research has informed the results
  • Think about your role in the presentation
  • Do not get in each other’s way during presentation.
  • Think about how you dress
  • When other members of the group are presenting be interested
  • Be aware of personal habits such as the way you stand, touching your face and what you do with your hands
  • Be mindful of your speech – volume and speed

One of the biggest differences yesterday between the groups was that you could tell who had practiced and who had not – you all need to practice so you know who is saying what when, what slide needs to be on the screen and so you know how long it should take.

I hope these tips assist with your presentations next week

Week 14 – Industry presentations


In week 14 you will have your presentations to industry partners.

I have requested each of the partners lock in a time for Monday 19th October and will advise ASAP of your time.  Bear in mind some may request an alternate day due to their availability.

In advance you need think about the following;

  • Binding your report
  • Having a back up of your presentation
  • Appropriate attire

Any questions just let me know.

Practice Presentations


OK, so next week we have our practice presentations and the reason for this session is twofold;

  1. It is an opportunity to practices
  2. It is an opportunity to see what other groups have been up to (and critique their presentations)

So what sorts of things do you need to practice? Think about how you will present – will you use powerpoint, prezi, other presentation tools. Do you need access to the internet? Who will speak and when? Will there be a dedicated person who does the slides? Do you need props

Essentially what I want you to do is cover the following;

  • Quick recap of the issue facing the organisation (no more than 1 minute)
  • Outline how you have collected information (qualitative, quantitative and the ways in which this was done – survey, observation, etc) (around 3 minutes)
  • Recommendations and solutions to be presented to industry partners (5 minutes)
  • Questions and feedback (2 minutes)

We will need to stick fairly close to time as we have ten groups to present. To facilitate this I ask that everyone be on time as the first presentation will start right on 9:00am. Also I have asked that your slides be sent across to me Sunday night so I can have them uploaded ready to go.

The order for presentations is as follows (yes a tight schedule):

9:00 UWS Connect
9:30 Wesley Lodge
10:00 Dooley’s – Bistro
10:30 Sharks
11:00 Accor – Novotel
11:30 Careers and SFU

1:00 ATC
1:30 Accor – Pullman
2:00 Dooleys – Service
2:30 Sharks
3:00 Dooleys Bistro
3:30 Careers and SFU

What you do not have to do is to tell us everything that will be in your report.  The idea is to provide the highlights and make the listener want to read your report.

SFU feedback


The Applied project has been running for a number of years and each year we look to the students to provide feedback on how the unit may be delivered.  For example, in the past I have run weekly meetings only and fortnightly meetings with varying feedback in which students felt the weekly meetings might have been too much and the fortnightly too far apart.  What I have done this year is to try and get a balance of both at strategic points throughout the semester.

You will have recently received an e-mail requesting that you complete the Student Feedback on units (SFU) – I would encourage you to follow the link provided in the e-mail (SFU link) and let us know what you liked and what we can improve within the unit as your feedback will influence the experience of future students.

Week 12 Virtual Meetings

Welcome to the virtual world where my desk could be anywhere in the world…. The aim of this week is to give you a taste of what it is like to have to organise and be involved in a virtual meeting with multiple participants across multiple locations. The advances in technology have made this significantly easier and provided just as many challenges (see the guy in the boat below)


There was no scheduled class this week due to the Public holiday and I am making this meeting optional.  So if you want to have a virtual meeting what do you need do;

  • Check below in the blog for times in which Tim is available during week 3 for a virtual meeting
  • Talk to team members and see which times fit in with your schedules (factoring in work, family, sport, other commitments)
  • E-mail Tim ( with request to meet (times will be filled on a first come first serve basis) – I suggest nominating a few different times
  • Choose your format (the university is now using ZOOM or you may like to investigate Skype (drtimmyhall) or FaceTime (0414 017 369) – it will be up to you to make sure your technology is available

I will respond with confirmation or request you suggest an alternate time

Organise yourself to be available at the nominated time and ensure your technology is ready to go on the day (avoid flat batteries and dodgy connections) – test runs are also good

So, when is Tim available (other times can be added if required)? See below;

Wednesday 7th October

2:00 – 2:25

2:25 – 2:55

3:00 – 3:25

Thursday 8th October

8:30 – 8:55

9:00 – 9:25

9:30- 9:55

Friday 9th October

10:00 – 10:25

10:30 – 10:55

11:00 – 11:25
in the mean time I am going to go and wish my office was below…and remember any questions please ask (