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The results are in….

OK, first things first. Thank you reading through the project briefs and submitting resumes and cover letters in a very short time frame.


I have been through the applications and after much consideration and deliberation allocated all students into project teams. Over the past few days you should have received an e-mail confirming your project with your tem members copied in and confirmation of your site visit and consultation time.

In the seminar this week I will spend some time giving feedback on the cover letters and resumes. We will also spend some time in groups getting to know our group members and discussing the projects.

Thanks again for getting these through in such a short time and I look forward to meeting with you all again for the Week 2 seminar.


Resumes and cover letters

So, the first seminar is done and dusted and I have bombarded you with information and set us all up to do a few tasks.


The first of those tasks was the cover letter and resume. In some organisations they work on a principle that information should be on one page so people can gain an overview of the idea or issue and then decide what further research or activity needs to happen from there. It is good practice to be able to do this and the real key is – make every sentence count. Are you duplicating information? Is each sentence telling a story and having an impact?


The other task was to provide a resume. Remember that UWS has a resume checking service for students and I urge you to go to UWS Careers resume advice.  It is a simple process and you will receive personalised advice on ways to improve your resume and give you that advantage to get you into the job interviews.


So what is this blog all about?


The reason you are reading this is because you have either seen the link in the learning guide, on vUWS or heard me talking about the blog in class, so what it is it all about.

Blogs have increased in popularity over recent year and have become a great way in which to communicate with people (check out Tim’s blog for interesting stuff on experiences as inspired by all things experience economy).  This blog will be a way of communicating with you throughout the semester in order to offer you encouragement and guidance through a virtual format.  It is also a way for you to communicate with me throughout the semester so feel free to leave a comment.

If you wish you can follow the blog by pressing the button on the left and you will be notified each time I post something up.

Welcome to Hospitality Management Applied project 2015


Hi and welcome to Hospitality Management Applied Project for 2015….

For most of you this will be the last semester in your studies before continuing onto the next phase of life in Hospitality.  With that in mind I have tried to make this unit as relevant and contemporary as possible tool you to maximise the benefit you gain from your experience in this unit.

So, what is install for you all, let’s have a sneak preview….


This year we have nine industry projects which have been sourced from across a range of different areas of the hospitality field, with six industry partners involved as well.  Each of these partners has provided a project brief which asks students to look at a contemporary issue in hospitality that they want more information and they have enlisted your help to undertake the research.

To help you along the way myself and the tutors will provide a guiding hand through weekly consultations in which we will assist you to undertake your projects – the key here is we will assist you and guide you but the creativity, innovation and ideas are all up to you.


Seminar one, what will we get up to?

The first seminar is really about setting the scene for the rest of the semester.  We will have a look at the delivery of the unit and how it will not be a standard lecture style delivery.  Much of the semester will be based on group consultations with you and your team members one on one with tutor to discuss the development of the project.  We will also have a look at the different projects and the learning guide – make sure you have  your learning guide with you for the first seminar.

I look forward to seeing you all in the first seminar and can’t wait for a great semester….