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Week 14 presentations


Just to help with a bit of planning, I have been in touch with the industry partners and they have had some really positive feedback on your progress to date.  And after meeting all the groups to day I am really confident with the work you have all done to date and the position in which the groups are in.  Remember it is about momentum and keeping this going over the next few weeks.

For your final presentations I have been able to confirm most as follows;

Monday 27th October

  • 9:30am Sharks bistro group @ Sharks

Tuesday 28th October

  • 9:00 UWS Connect on campus in seminar room
  • 9:45 Wesley apartments on campus in seminar room
  • 10:30 Sharks – Peter Burns at Sharks
  • 11:15 Accor (both groups) at Homebush – this is tentative at this point
  • 1:00 Australian Turf Club (both groups) at Rose Hill
  • 3:00 Dooley’s upsell and Waterview at Lidcombe club

You should aim for your presentations to be around 20 minutes and then have 10 minutes of questions


Weeks 8 and 11


As mentioned I in weeks 8 and 11 I would like to meet with all groups and to facilitate this I needed to alter some of the meeting times.  Thank you to those groups that have agreed to change times.  Please see below for confirmation of new meeting time and please note that all have slightly varied;

  • 9:00   UWS Connect
  • 9:35   Wesley apartments
  • 10:10 Dooleys upsell
  • 10:45 Sharks Bistro
  • 11:20 Sharks – Peter Burns
  • 12:10 Pullman
  • 12:45 Novotel
  • 1:20  Waterview
  • 1:55 ATC – Events
  • 2:30 ATC – F&B

Please note that meetings from 12:10 will be held in EB.2.18 at Parramatta

For our meeting in Week 8 I would like each group to come with a clear (written) plan of what they want to achieve by our meeting in Week 11.

Also have a think about what you need from me as well



Make sure you share your articles from the dossier with the group which will give your group multiple articles to consider for your project.  You do not have to use them all in the report, that is up to the group. 

Also remember to check the reference list on these articles as they can be a valuable source of new information. 

So any discussion of references invariably ends up with the question “Tim, how many references do we need?” and my answer to this is “how ever many you need”.  My reason for this is because all the projects are different they will require different amounts and different sources. When you read you reports think about whether or not you have referred to someone else’s work or if a reference would strengthen your discussion. 


Progress reports

So here we are at Week 7, halfway point of the semester…..


This week you have been asked to make contact with your industry partner and provide them with an update in the form of a progress report.  While I have used the term progress report, the form of the update is totally up to your group; it could be a PowerPoint presentation, written report, verbal presentation. 

While the purpose of this is to let your industry partner know where you are up to and what your plans are for the remainder of the project, you also should think about what you want to get out of the meeting for your group.  Have questions for your industry partner, clarify points of the project and do not be afraid to challenge their thinking and ideas – essentially if they wanted someone to come up with their answer they could have found someone internally that could do this.

Also think about if you need another site visit, if you are there it makes sense to do it at the same time.

Remember the better you prepare and the more you present and the more questions you ask the more you will get out of your meeting

Good luck