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Cover letters and Project Briefs

So, the first seminar is done and dusted and I have bombarded you with information and set us all up to do a few tasks.


The first of those tasks is the cover letter and resume.  In some organisations they work on a principle that information should be on one page so people can gain an overview of the idea or issue and then decide what further research or activity needs to happen from there.  It is good practice to be able to do this and the real key is – make every sentence count.  Are you duplicating information? Is each sentence telling a story and having an impact?

The other task is to provide a resume.  You will not have time to do it for this task but remember that UWS has a resume checking service for students and I urge you to submit the following;

  • Students have to be registered on our Careerhub website first to request a resume review.
    • To register, the student needs to:
    • Go to , and selecting the red ‘Student CareerHub Login’ button located on the right hand side.
    • Enter student ID and password and fill in the fields.
  • Then the student can request a resume review at:


Remember to have a think about you choice of project brief and choose it for reasons which are going to benefit you and your career.

Submission of both is required by Friday 1st August at 12pm



Project Briefs

So, what are these project briefs that Tim is talking about?


Before the semester I approached a number of hospitality organisations in order to secure projects for you to work on throughout the semester. We are lucky enough to have secured 10 projects from six different industry partners (trust me there were a few hot chocolates had during this process).  Some organisations have supplied one project, some two and some have asked for multiple teams to work on the same project.  

The project brief is exactly what is says – it is BRIEF!!  These documents provide a summary of the area in which the organisation would like you to work on during the semester.  They are designed to give you enough detail to express an interest in a project to work on during the semester.  Once you have been allocated into groups you will be able to receive an expanded outline of the brief at a site visit and meeting with your industry partner.

Have a look at all the briefs and also do some research online to the different organisations.


Welcome to Hospitality Management Applied Project

Hi everyone and welcome to Hospitality Management Applied Project,


My name is Tim Hall and I will be guiding you through the Hospitality Applied Project for this year.  Please see the link below for a welcome video;

Welcome video for 200561

A few things to get you started for the semester, have a look at vUWS for the following;

  • Learning guide – please read carefully as there is a lot of info which we will unpack during the semester.  Bring any questions to the first seminar
  • Project Briefs –  Read the project briefs on vUWS to see which is of interest and research these companies online

I look forward to working with you on these projects throughout the semester